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Yahoo! Sportacular

Yahoo SportacularWe have some list movement. Time to move and shift my list of Best Android Apps. And what does it? Yahoo! has a great program Sportacular which they picked up with the acquisition of CitizenSports.

What does Sportacular replace? SportsTap. Sports tap is a great little program, it does things well, has a great widget, and does have a number of sports. But Sportacular matches SportsTap on the level of sports (close enough) and widget. In fact Sportacular has multiple widgets that you can choose from.

Why It's Better

In my few weeks with Sportacular I have found that it gets scores quicker than SportsTap. This is critical on games that I am unable to view. Having up-to-date information is actually pretty important to a sports fan. Sportacular also has great summary pages that SportsTap lacks. In Sportacular, you can view you list of favorite teams on their own page, see a list of "Trending" games, and do the usual browse through current and upcoming games.

With SportsTap I often found myself not ever using the app itself. I was completely content with the information provided by the Widget. But I have found that opening the Sportacular app from time to time useful. From Check- Ins on games, to seeing user's picks. You can also setup alerts on games that aren't being played by one of your favorite teams. I will admit though, that SportsTap completely blows away Sportacular on pure sports news on the app. For any given game, on SportsTap I can see the Preview from Accuscore and see betting matchups. I also see news on players including injuries, etc. This type of information is seriously lacking in Sportacular and Citizen Sports isn't setup that way, but should seriously consider including that info.

SportsTap has also had a problem lately with its alerts. I've found that during my College Football games, I get an update every 25 minutes...for no reason...it was annoying. And I've also found that game start alerts coming 15 to 20 minutes late. And if you are a Ranger's fan like me, you've probably already missed the first score. Finally, alerts were coming in 3-4 times after the game ends. I'd get a Final notification, 2 minutes later another final, then again later...not with Sportacular.


Yahoo Sportacular

Sportacular is a really nice app. In fact, it's made me re-consider some of the Yahoo! apps. I've avoided many of them because I was leery of Yahoo! products. But this is so nice, I may have to see some of the others.

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