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Mark Cuban says "Scoreboard!" in Dallas Co. District Court

If you weren't aware. Before the playoffs, the previous owner of the Dallas Mavericks--Ross Perot Jr.--sued Mark Cuban saying that his decision making and recklessness has hurt Perot Jr's 5% investment stake. Making claims of Maverick failure and stating that there were threats of insolvency. Cuban fires back with what is basically: "Scoreboard!"

Not only does he constantly refer to the Mavericks as the "World Champion Dallas Mavericks", but also including a photo of the Mavericks celebrating. Not only indicating that Cuban mentions the fact that the Mavericks were considered the "worst franchise in sports" during Perot Jr's ownership. This is a funny filing.

2011-06-22 WC Mavs and Radical Mavs Mngt MSJ

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