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Dallas, Texas...The Sports Epicenter


Crazy isn't it? I'm not sure many people truly understand what's happening right now. What's happened since October. Dallas, Texas has become the epicenter to championship sports.

October 2010, the Texas Ranger make it to the World Series in a decisive win over the New York Yankees. This is the Texas Ranger's first trip to the World Series in franchise history. This brought the World Series to DFW for the first time ever. Dallas hosts 3 championship games.

February 2011, Jerry Jones' brand new spaceship plays host to arguably the biggest sporting event in America. The Super Bowl, played in Cowboy's Stadium, was not played by the Dallas Cowboys, but was played there.

June 2011, the Dallas Mavericks shut down the young Oklahoma City Thunder to earn a spot next to the Miami Heat or Chicago Bulls. After a number of years of disappointing playoff appearances, Dirk Nowitzki lead the Mavericks against the odds, overpowering the Los Angeles Lakers in a 4 game sweep.

November 2010, although not hosted in the DFW area, FC Dallas fought in OT and barely missed out on the MLS Cup. FC Dallas played a great season and headed to California with what many soccer fans called an aggressive, scary squad.

The Common Thread

What's the thread here? Dallas, Texas.

Dallas is the 5th largest major media market in the country and, at least this year, is the 1st in the sports world.  It's a good time Dallas sports. Now if only Redheaded Genius can get us to the Super Bowl...if there's even a season!

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