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2014 and Looking Ahead

Travels The year started off with a bang. At work I was finishing up one project and starting a new interesting on with a peer and mentor. I had a new child on the way and a ton of things planned. Then suddenly my job asked for some travel...excessive travel. Then I had to take a sharp turn on my plans and make new one. That's the kind of year it was. A year full of twist and course corrections. A plan today was changed tomorrow. And 2015 doesn't look like it's going to be any different.

I did quite a bit in 2014. I read 47 books (you'll hear about those later), mainly because of plenty of time to read on airplanes. Learned all about the construction industry and some crazy things architects have to do. Fell in love with another beautiful girl. Tried to better myself and family in some small ways. Can't say I always succeeded, but I can say I tried.

For 2015, I don't know what is in store. Like I said, the plans I made were quickly changed each passing day, so I'm unsure if I should continue making plans or simply drive straight and let the road take me to where it wants to go. I'm leaning on the later, but I do think it is to have some goals.

These aren't resolutions and by no means does it mean failure if I do not accomplish these things...but I can say I'd love to see them happen. Some are shallow, some are deep, but all worth looking at.

Here's Hoping...

  • Read 40 books this year. I know I read 47 last year, and I should increase the number, but I won't. Forty is a great number and should be attainable. We will see how it goes.
  • Spend more time with my daughter. I made it a point of emphasis to spend more one-on-one time with my son last year and towards the end of the year I noticed that it came at the expense of my daughter. So I'll be more on top of that.
  • Take my wife on a vacation. My wife an I haven't been on a true solo vacation in years. We've done a few "staycations" but nothing really getting away and being at peace. Mostly this has had to due with always having an infant around...but this has changed for the immediate future and will happen. Like I said I did a ton of traveling so I have some rewards waiting...
  • Drop a few pounds. So after the second kid, I basically dumped all workouts and ended being really lazy about what I ate as well. And I'm quite a few pounds overweight. That's being attacked right now. Already this year I've dropped about 6lbs and plan on keeping it down. I won't be where I need to by the end of the year, but I'll be really close.
  • Reduce. I think I can pick a few days out of the year to really reduce the things I have laying around and stored. There are a number of things I tend to hoard because I've always found a use for them right after I decide to throw them away...but that's not going to be the case this time. I plan on carving out time to clean things out and hopefully get down to the essentials. (My wife loves this one...)

There's more...I haven't posted everything, but this covers the basics. I have some small short term goals that I want to see as well and some that I've luckily already knocked out for the year.

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