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If You're Reading This...You're Already Dead

2012 If you are reading this, you're already dead. The world has ended. Luckily California and major portions of the western United States has fallen into the sea. Texas is completely flooded, and the only survivors are the crazies that prepared for this.

December 21, 2012...the end of the world. Right? Have we seen this much hysteria about a single stupid event? Wait, we have. Y2K. I remember celebrating January 1, 2000 by walking outside and hoping to see power outages, car wrecks, and instant carnage. I knew nothing was going to happen though, just wishful thinking. A guy I worked with spent the entire day before the event reassuring his wife he'd get some supplies. He went to the liquor store. Priorities.

I'm pretty sure some crank thought about the hysteria that happened before Y2K and thought: 'I bet I can get people to act stupid for a new event as well!' I'd call it the largest prank since Y2K.

Still trying to guess what then next one will be. Maybe global warming. Wouldn't that be crazy! The entire scientific community decided to play the biggest prank of the century. Probably not...that one will probably kill us all.

Good luck to everyone! Now to cram a full years worth of Christmas shopping into 3 days. Damn you, Mayans! I'm sending a bill!

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