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Best Android Apps [Updated]

Android Apps

I haven't updated my favorite Android Applications list in a while, and a number of applications have suplanted those in the list. So I'm here to correct for that.


Google+Google+: Google Plus is actually a good app. It is simple and easy to use. It also allows you to auto upload your pictures to Google Photos (which will be Picasa down the road). Free


Camera Zoom FXCamera Zoom FX: Replacing Vignette as the best true camera-app replacement is Camera Zoom FX. Camera Zoom does standard capture plus a Timered, Action, and Time Lapse. It does filters and borders, amoung others. You can also download special items, like take your picture with the Queen. $2.99

PixlrPixlr-O-Matic: Replacing Retro Camera is Pixlr-O-Matic. These photos are great with one of the prettiest interfaces out there. It's simple to use and has a ton of options. I wish they'd integrate with a sharing service natively, but the standard Android sharing works nicely. Free

Google MusicGoogle Music: I really love the DoubleTwist interface, but using Google Music has been much easier. I really liked the syncing with my library, but now my library syncs with Google online and then to my phone instantly. Great experience and the latest update is nice. Free


Swiftkey XSwiftkey X: Sadly, I have replaced Swype with a better keyboard. I was having more and more trouble with Swype's dictionary. It would add words on a whim. Just because I typed something once, doesn't mean I may ever type it again (web addresses, capture codes, etc.). With Swiftkey it's great. And honestly, I should really get used to touch typing as Swype may not be on every phone I use. $3.99

Read It LaterRead It Later and Read It Later Pro: Instafetch worked well to sync my reading items from Instapaper, but Read It Later is a much better app. Now they have a free version and it works well. Free/$2.99

ES File ExplorerES File Explorer: ES is free, add free, and works with rooted devices. It's one of the best file explorers out there. I cannot deny the greatness that this is when I need a file manager. Free.

That's it for now. I will update my Best Android Apps page to reflect these changes soon, so check it out to get the best apps you need.

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