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Back Yard Burgers [G.D. Burgers]

Back Yard Burger Spread

Back Yard Burgers came out of nowhere. I've never heard of it, but found they are a 'chain' burger restaurant out of Cleveland, Mississippi. It's a grill burger (as opposed to a griddle burger), but made quickly enough to be considered semi-fast-food.

The big stick here is that Back Yard Burgers uses 'Black Angus Beef', so by definition it is frozen meat. It's aged at low temperature improve tenderness. But with that said, if you are using frozen meat...this type is what you should use (outside Kobe). Angus beef has the best marbling and has been aged properly (it's been standardized) to produce a tender meat. Back Yard Burgers are tender, juicy, and well seasoned. Like Griff's they do really well with what they have. The bun was standard, but well toasted and tasted nice.

Back Yard Burger Midway Through

As far as veggies go, Back Yard Burger's know what's right. The iceberg lettuce was whole and crispy, the red onions were rings and not limp. Pickles were standard fair (which doesn't detract). This was one of the best things about the burger, a semi-fast-food restaurant can give you delicious veggies. It's not that common. They also hook you up with 4-5 different types of cheese, I choose Cheddar and it was thick and wonderful.

There was nothing special about the sauce, but yellow mustard is a quality addition. The fries were waffle fries and were crisp. Waffle fries can be tricky, sometimes you can get some good ones (like what Back Yard Burgers has) and sometimes you can get some soggy ones (every once in a while Chick-fil-a does this to me).

3 out of 5

To wrap up, I'm giving Back Yard Burger a 3 out of 5. This was also a wrestle with a 2 or a 3, but again when you can do what you are doing well, you get a boost. (In other words, if you are using frozen beef but cook it well, etc.) They do what they do very well and so they get the above average nod.

Do you have a Back Yard Burger? Let me know your thoughts.

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