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The Great Dallas Burger Search

Big Burger

I've decided recently to do a Burger search. In celebrating the US independence...I mean most people feel that other than the hot dog, there is nothing more American in the culinary field as a hamburger...I'm off to find the best hamburger in the Dallas, Texas area.

The Rules

In every comparative search, there should be a set of ground rules so that you are comparing each burger in a similar fashion. So here's where we start.

  1. All restaurants are not created equal. A $20 burger should not be compared to a $5 burger. Categories will be established. For the sake of starting in a small manageable condition, we will stick to specialty burger restaurants.
  2. The most "common" burger type will be ordered. Most of these burger companies have a standard menu burger, and that will be ordered. Some places have a more common order although it's not the default (eg. the Double-Double from In-N-Out) but will still be ordered. If a special recommendation to type of preparation, it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  3. I know I refer to hamburgers, but cheese is a must. The amount of cheese depends on the previous item. Most commonly the cheese slices should match the quantity of the meat patties.
  4. A restaurant's "special sauce" is part of the deal. If no special sauce is available, mustard will be the default go to menu condiment.
  5. Tomatoes are the devil's fruit. No burger should be made with a Tomato. Tomatoes have too powerful of a flavor that masks the taste of the meat, other veggies, and bun.
  6. One additional addon is acceptable. Because this is my search, the additional burger addon will most commonly fall under green chilies, jalapenos, or similar.
  7. Fries will not detract from the burger's score, but will effect overall quality of the meal. Because the meal's quality is a big issues, we'll talk about the fries in a lesser but important role.
  8. My son will verify the deliciousness of the grilled cheese sandwich. On a completely unscientific and difficult to judge it's deliciousness, we'll make something up.

The List

This is the list of restaurants, in no particular order, in which I'll check out. These places should have and be known for ~$5 burger. Fast food places can be included but since most people know about these chain fast food places, they may be saved for the end. I'll continue to update this list with additional restaurants and links to the actual reviews. So feel free to check back. Please let me know if you have any suggestions and I'll add them to this list.

Like I said, let me know if you have any additional places that you think I should check out. This list will probably take me the better part of the year to complete so stay tuned!

* Indicates places that might not be gotten to based on location and time to get through the list. This is a living document and changes will be made as necessity demands.

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