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J.C. Burger House [G.D. Burgers]

JC 1

Sorry for the delay, but here's the next installment of the Great Dallas Burger Search. Today's run is J.C. Burger House which has won a few awards locally. The original J.C.'s was a little known place in an older shopping center that blew up pretty quickly. J.C.'s doesn't advertise, but has done well enough to grow into about 6 locations locally.

Let's hit the burger. I ordered the 1/2 lb. burger, mustard, lettuce, red onions, and pickles. J.C.'s uses fresh ground chuck, there's a legend that the original J.C.'s ran out at around 3pm and so some meat was purchased at a local butcher. After the first few burgers, they refused the cook the rest and gave people refunds because it wasn't fit to cook.

The meat is great and tasty. Nice and juicy with a fresh great taste. The cheese was melted nicely over the meat and delicious. This a pretty standard burger, but delicious. The bun was warmed, but not toasted which would have been nice. The shredded lettuce was good, but again you lose the crispness of a solid slices. I feel like I'm rehashing the same stuff over and over.

JC 2

With that said, the burgers are good. And J.C.'s has options like green chilies (yum) that many other places neglect. If I were to put this place into a ranking in comparison to the other places I've been to, I'd say it is in a dead heat with Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I'd put Five Guys just a little higher because of the fresh fries. J.C.'s appears to use frozen.

4 out of 5

That means a 4 out of 5. It's a good place to eat and worth going again for a great burger. Plus you get plenty of options for other people that might be into something else than burgers.

How has J.C.'s treated you?

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