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Dallas Mavericks Your NBA Champions

Mav Towel

It's finally here. After over 30 years in existence, the Dallas Mavericks have won a National Championship.  And it's the first championship Dallas has had since the Dallas Stars 1999 victory for the Stanley Cup. Congrats to the great group of veterans that finally have won their rings.


Dirk's 13 years, it should be emotional. Kidd's 17 years and he is still amazing. Peja's 13 years, I know he didn't contribute much in the finals but remember how clutch he was over the Laker sweep...without him there is no Maverick Finals. Marion after 12 years and being on a great Suns team to finally win is amazing.

I love what Tyson Chandler brought to the Mavericks, and to think we were able to grab this victory without the Mav's second best player in Caron Butler and a decent backup from Brendan Haywood. It's crazy to think about what Dallas needs to do in the off-season. Normally you fill some holes, but due to all the great ball playing that came off the bench, it's hard to find where you need to build. I keep bringing this up, and I know it's a pipe dream but how awesome would it be to see Dwight Howard in a Maverick's jersey.

Heat Thoughts

In my mind, Riley should fire Spoelstra. Eric Spoelstra has no business being an NBA head coach...at least not at this point in his career. Throughout the whole post season, it was obvious how he didn't know what he was doing. Even during the regular season, it took the players to get together and talk through their problems when Spoelstra couldn't do anything. Riley did it in 2005/6 and won a championship. Second, Bosh should become the sixth man.  Just think about Odom, Terry, Ginobili, and Kukoc. The shooting power off the bench would have served them better, and the Lakers, Mavericks (woohoo!), Spurs, and Bulls won championships with that setup.

And Finally:

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Mavs 5


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